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Therapy Exercise

Exercise Therapy, Pilates and Strength & Balance are all services we provide

Therapy Exercise are just that. They are specific exercises to deal with the biomehanical issue that you may have. We can address your specific fitness concerns, and enable pain free movement for you.

There is an initial assessment of posture and movement. From this assessment specific exercises are prescribed for you. These exercises will include foam roller, thera-balls as well as strengthening exercises. All 1-2-1 programmes will address core bracing and breathing to activate core muscles to protect your back.

Across all our offerings, we deliver safe, effective exercise for everyone. 


Pilates classes are not all equal.

Different Pilates instructors will specialise in different aspects of fitness. Make sure you choose the right class to suit your needs. Discuss your needs with the instructor before you go. We deliver Pilates with a focus health conditions.

We recommend you have 6x 1-2-1 sessions with us before coming to class. We will discuss with you the results of your postural analysis and any other assessments undertaken. You will also know the balance of muscles in your body.

You will understand how to activate your core muscles and pelvic floor. This is key to doing the exercises right in class. You will feel like you’re progressing. Know your posture, know your movement, understand the corrections and maintain the corrections, daily.

 Pilates should be as individual as you are. There will be exercises which you can do easily, and other which you find difficult. There can be no comparing yourself to others in class.

Strength & Balance

If exercising on the floor is not for you, then the Strength & Balance seated exercise class is most definitely for you.

Strength & Balance class is chair based, including standing balance exercises and Tai Chi to music. Resistance bands are use for muscle strength and to increase bone density. Like many classes, they are very social. Class participants become good friends as well as exercise buddies.


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