Stress, What causes stress?

What causes stress may be related to: NHS.uk

  • Stress caused by unemployment, a high workload or retirement (see Beat stress at work)
  • Or Stress caused by Family –  being stressed due to a divorce, relationship difficulties or being a carer
  • Perhaps, Stress caused by Housing –  a stressful time with moving house or problems with neighbours
  • Maybe, Steps caused by Personal issues – stressed due to coping with a serious illness, or financial problems


Stress elevation

Also, going through menopause can in itself cause stress. It’s a big life change. And often , it’s not the only change that is happening at this time. Children may be leaving home, there may be a career change, parents may need more support from you. Many things can be a factor for stress elevation. 

Stress elevation can cause weight gain. Are you stressed because of the weight gain? Or are you gaining weight because you’re stressed?

Menopause causes weight gain as your metabolic rate goes down. and increases your stress. But you consume the same amount of calories in a day not realising that you are burning fewer calories. This in turn causes further stress. Stress releases cortisol to keep your energy supplies to meet the body demand during a stressful situation. Fat cells are laid down through the middle of the body, close to the body organs, as visceral fat. This leads to further stress, and reaching for the quick fix foods of high fat and high sugar. For the cycle to repeat itself.

Recognising how you react to stressful situations is your fist step in being in control of stress and therefore, your health.


How it makes you feel

  • Emotionally: irritable and “wound up”, anxious or fearful, lacking in self-esteem
  • Mentally: racing thoughts, constant worrying, difficulty concentrating, difficulty making decisions
  • Physically: headaches, muscle tension or pain, dizziness, sleep problems, feeling tired all the time, eating too much or too little
  • Behave, drinking or smoking more, snapping at people, avoiding things or people, you are having problems with

Visit the Mind website for more signs of stress.

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