Stress Relief and Exercise

Stress relief and exercise go hand in hand together. Exercise should be fun and enjoyable, a challenge for you both physically and mentally. Ultimately a way of feeling good about yourself, and giving your time to yourself. stress is greatly relived with exercise.

What physical activity do you like doing? Which activity suits you best? Do you like to dance, swim, cycle or walk? Do you like calmer, Mind-Body activities such as yoga or Pilates?

You can guarantee that choosing something you like to do will bring a smile to your face. Doing something that you like and making new friends or staying in touch with old friends, is an even better way to stay happy and motivated.

There is one sure way of ensuring you make the right choice for you, take your first step in moving you forward. 

When stressed, memory and lack of concentration comes become a problem. When you choose a physical activity of a certain duration, eg, walking in nature for 30 mins, it circulates the blood to make you feel batter. You’ve been in amongst nature which tends to lift people spirits, and you’ve been able to focus for a 30min period on something that is pleasant, taken you mind away from that which holds you back. 

The routine of an aerobic class or dancing improves focus. Balance exercises, such as that practiced in yoga or Strength & Balance class improve concentration and cognitive function for participants. Pilates and yoga are considered Mind-Body classes, because participants have to focus on the body and how it moves, to enable correct action.

Cognitive Stress Includes:

Cognitive stress are things like memory problems, poor judgement, inability to concentrate, brain fog’, indecision, starting many tasks but achieving little or self doubt; use the NHS Apps  website to find the right information for you.

Mind-Body classes takes your awareness away form these issues and help to improve your ability to concentrate, and improve your memory. Exercise builds self-confidence. For example Strength and Balance class is proven to reduce the stress, fear and the risk of falling.

Whilst everyone is different, with different needs, there is usually a welcoming fitness professional waiting to encourage you into a class where meeting like minded, positive people, can be with you along your journey of using exercise for stress relief.

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