Piriformis syndrome Sciatica


Sciatica and piriformis syndromes differ slightly in the symptoms they cause.

Sciatica is pain or discomfort in the sciatic nerve which originates at the base of the lumbar spine. Then it can travels through one or both legs to the foot. It is the longest nerve in the body. The nerve may be under pressure or has been damaged to cause the pain or discomfort. Some causes are a narrowing of the spinal canal (stenosis) or the roots of the nerve, at the lumboscrmal spine have been irritated. A worn disc of the vertebra may also cause it to be irritated.

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis is a muscle deep in the hip joint which can spasm or get tight to cause buttock pain. It lies close to and protects the sciatic nerve and may have an impact on the nerve causing numbness or pain down the back of the leg, potentially to the foot. 

Stretching out the piriformis muscle may help to relive any discomfort in the nerve. As this muscle runs alongside the nerve, the position of the muscle in relation to the nerve it may well affect pain or discomfort here. Should the muscle be tight then the nerve will be under pressure.

General Back Pain

General back pain with no injury or conditions is called idiopathic, or alternatively no-cause pain.

It is usually the muscles or ligaments in the back which have been under strain as a result of repeated heavy lifting, or moving in a particular way, twisting while at the wrong angle or simply a weakness in the muscle of the back and core muscles.


Exercise Therapy

Those with Sciatica or piriformis syndrome can benefit from Exercise Therapy as it will help you to identify pain free movements. It can analyse your posture and movement, identify pain free movement and give you tools to manage the condition.



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