Bulging disc

A prolapsed or Bulging Disc

A prolapsed or bulging disc, or sometimes called a slipped disc, is when one of the cushioned discs between each vertebra of the spine, has herniated, or bulged out of its socket. This leads to compression on the nerves and causes severe and/or shooting pain. It is possible, for this disc to ‘pop’ back into the socket, just as easily as it ‘popped’ out. But discomfort will still be there, similar to bruising the skin following a knock or bump.

What is a prolapsed disc?

The prolapsed disc may cause lower back pain, numbness or tingling, neck pain, problems bending or straightening your back, muscle weakness, or pain through the buttocks pressing on sciatic nerve. (www.NHS.uk/conditions/slipped-disc/)


Recommend forms of treatment is to initially rest. Ice and heat treatment may be effective forms of pain relief for you. Occasionally, as this is usually a short term condition, pain relief tablets may be a temporary solution. 

When you’re able to move, be active as far as long you can, as soon as possible. Exercise therapy will help you get back on your feet. This will ensure that there is minimum strength lost in the muscles surrounding the prolapsed disc. You will need to keep the strength in order to support the spine.

Usually a herniated disc will ease over time. Most people heal within 6 weeks of the initial injury. If this is not the case, then medical advice may be sought at this point.


Recommended exercises for this are to move the spine in all directions, flexing forward, extending back, twisting from side to side and bending from side to side. This will enhance the mobility and develop the endurance strength you need to keep the disc form herniating in the future. However, it is important to do what you can at first in order to progress at a pace that is comfortable for you.

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