Fit 4 Change Personal Exercise Programme

Fit 4 Change Exercise Programme is an inspirational new map for menopause. The road ahead will take you in a different direction, what worked before for you, will not work anymore.

Fit 4 Change is your guide map to eating right, exercising right and relaxing right to manage the menopause.

This programme delivers an understanding of the changes for which menopause is responsible. How you can then, counteract the effect of these changes on your body by using foods, physical activity and relaxation as your prescription to a happy menopause.

 Menopause can be a time when feelings are erratic, low moods, feeling stressed, and thinking nobody understands. Fit 4 Change exercise programme is specifically designed to support you though menopause. Learn different ways to relax, elevate your mood like you're walking on air, and feel revitalised. You will experience progress in managing the menopause with informed decision making. 

You will receive immediately: 
  • A diary, to identify your progress from the start, identifying posture, movements, as well as your vital statistics. This will log all the progress you achieve. You can also record how you feel, specific goals and your progress.
  • A closed Facebook Page to support you all the way. 24/7 access to the page. I will directly respond to your query.
  • Postural Analysis video which you can use to assess your starting point. 
  • There are 6 x 20 min HIIT workout videos, containing only 6 bodyweight exercise, to do at your convenience, 3 times a week. The exercises will progress your fitness, at your pace.  There are also warm up and cool down videos. 
  • Pelvic floor explanation video to engage the right muscles during exercise. 
  • 6 Ebooks to keep, full of information on hormones and their ever changing effect on the body. This gives you the information you need to make informed choices about your lifestyle.
  • Nutrition and what food you can add into your daily food plan, or avoid, to encourage the right body response.
  • Different techniques of relaxation. The importance of being stress free on hormone balance and managing body weight. 
  • Our unique Change 1 Thing Programme. To help you make those lifestyle changes this programme give you ideas on what things to add into your lifestyle to help you with the changes your body is experiencing.  
The Fit 4 Change Exercise Programme for menopause is essential for any woman going through the menopause. I will be with you every step of the way. What is your cost to you of not doing this programme? Take 6 weeks to go through the programme or 6 months, the choice is yours. Make a single payment of £150 or 6 monthly payments of £25.

 Click this link to purchase: Fit 4 Change Program

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