Menopause 50’s Fitness Ways

Menopause 50's Fitness Ways Programme

The Menopause 50's Fitness Ways Programme will get your fit not sick.Share your health journey with us on our closed Facebook group.Use the changes to embrace and be fit for the future.Take 6 weeks to go through the programme or 6 months, your programme, your pace.Value your future health.

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Click this link to purchase: Fit 4 Change Program £150

 As women, we all want the best for our families. This can be a testing time whilst we either care for our parents or watch our children fly the nest, or both. We are at a good place in our career. Yet we seem to be unaware of what is going on in our bodies.  As women, we give our compassion to others before we give any to ourselves. Well, now is the time for you to give yourself compassion and time to focus on your health for the future.Over 22 years of fitness industry experience, education and my own menopause journey has led me to develop this programme.If it's one thing I have learned on this journey is the time we spend on our own health gives us a better relationship with others.Take time off, get fit not sick, know how to stay mobile, keep your bone density, balance the hormones, feel good about yourself.The 50's Fitness Ways tells you what's going on in your body for you to decide how to use this information to benefit your future health.
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