Lordosis of the spine

Lordosis of the spine is an excessive inward curvature at the base if the spine, above the hips. Where there is an increased lordotic curve at the lumbar spine it causes a Sway Back posture. If there is no curve at the lumbar spine then posture is called Flat Back.

There is a third curve which is possible at the spine, but not a natural curve, and that is scoliotic curve. Scoliosis is when the spine bends sideways. (This will be next weeks topic.)

Lower back pain

Lower back pain can be prevalent  in people with lordosis. The spine carries the body’s load, and when the spine and pelvis is strong in a neutral position the load is forced through the strong core muscles. If the core muscles are weak, the position of the pelvis is altered, causing the body’s load to go through the base of the spine. Giving us lower back pain.

Low back pain in women

Women will be more susceptible to lower back pain form the ages of 55 and upwards due to the hormone changes of menopause causing ligaments to loosen. There are many ligaments around the lower back and pelvis, thus causing discomfort from instability of spine into the pelvic area. This is where the body take’s the most strain. 

Loose ligaments, tight muscles

Brining the excessive curve back into a more natural shape again, may not be so easy as to move the pelvis. The muscles around the lower sine and pelvis may well be anchored into place, to compensate for ligaments loosening. Therapy exercises to loosen the tight muscles first, then gradually build strength in core, back and abdominal muscles to keep the natural shape of the spine. 

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