How Breathing can De-Stress

How breathing can De-stress seems too simple. So simple we may ignore it.

Breath is a life force, without it we simply cannot exists. How we breath is a different matter, this changes all the time. We can effect the way we breath, which will effect how we feel.

Take a deep breath in and……..CALM

We hear this common phrase, I use it from time to time, when in a stressful situation.             Why is this, why do we focus on breath to be calm?

How does this happen?

The body will go into a Flight or Fight mode when the brain experiences a fearful situation. Heart rate will elevate and the breath pattern speeds up. This happens automatically, and on occasions, we don’t know it’s happened. We have little control over this body reaction.

When we slow the breath down, which is something we can control, the heart rate will drop. Allowing the body to feel less stressed.

Choosing a breath pattern that suits you is important. Also, taking some time, 5-10mins a day to allow yourself to breath deeply and be effective in reducing stress levels, if not eliminating stress.

Different breath patterns CAN be effective in reducing stress. It removes the focus form then stressful situation to you and your breathing. Taking your mind away from the feeling of stress, reduces the amount of stress felt.

Breath pattern to de-stress

Ensure your whole body is fully supported, from your heels to your head. You may want to have a blanket over you. You will find this breathing sequence will be restful for the body. For further info on how breathing for de-stress go to our Facebook Page HERE

– Inhale through the nose for a count of 2
– Hold then breath for a count of 1
– Exhale through the nose for a count of 2
– Rest your breath for a count of 1
– Repeat the cycle 9 times or for 5 mins.


Take time each day to focus on you and your breath. Contact us HERE for support to de-stress

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