When it comes to heart health, deciding if there are any lifestyle changes which are needed to be made, to keep the heart healthy, is down to the assessments identified in previous blogs. Poor heart health does not always have signs and symptoms. Keeping an eye on the things you can measure will help to decide if making lifestyle changes have a benefit to you.

Deciding to Make Changes

Firstly, are your risk? The simple assessments eg Hip>Waist ratio, blood pressure reading, the bathroom salsas? Are any of these simple assessments saying, you are risking your heart health?

How serious is the problem? Can you prevent any health problems from happening if you made the lifestyle changes now? Prevention is better than cure.

Is there sorting your can identify which you can change now to improve the health of your heart and remove the potential risks of poor heart health?

Are the costs (not necessarily financial) of not taking action greater than the benefits?

What are your barriers to change? 

Barriers can vary form person to person and they are very individual to your situation. They can include final costs such as joining a gym. Physical costs eg painful joints; social costs eg sacrificing time with friends and family. they could also include a fear of failure. not being as successful as others.

Having an awareness of needing to make lifestyle changes and wanting to make the changes to your lifestyle is your first step. Then, finding the right support to make the lifestyle changes happen. Whatever the change, take 1 step at a time. Change 1 Thing.

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