Diaphragmatic Breathing to De- Stress

Diaphragm breathing to de-stress is a little more challenging than the other forms of breathing that has been highlighted over the last few weeks. It uses the breath to its fullest and engages the muscles of the ribcage to move. This can be challenging if we’re not used to doing so.

Sometimes called 3D Breathing, diaphragmatic breathing draws the breath deep into all parts of the lunges. It also moves the ribcage, and engages core muscles. This in turn will allow the shoulders to relax and reduce tension in the body.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Be seated comfortably, but away form the back of a chair, to start with.

  • Place your hands on your ribcage
  • Breath in and feel your ribcage expand
  • Breath out and feel the ribcage contract

Do this several times until your ribcage flows with your breath.

Now, place your hands on your ribcage at your back.

  • Breath in and feel the ribcage expand
  • Breath out and feel the ribcage depress

Do this several times until you feel then ribcage flows with your breath.

Once you feel the ribcage moving front, back and sideways, you may wish to lie down and concentrate on the movement of your body and breath in order to relax as you do this.


With diaphragmatic breathing you will feel more muscle engagement in you belly muscles. Also, you’ll notice that the shoulders relax. This is due to the core muscles of your belly working and taking the strain where your shoulders would usually take the stress. 

If you find diaphragmatic breathing challenging, it’s possible that the diaphragm needs releasing, for greater function. Our personal Training 1-2-1 programme will assess your needs, give your the necessary  muscle releases. You will find this to be of great benefit to you when you then continue on in class.


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