Breathing Rhythm to De-Stress

Breathing Rhythm to De-Stress

A breathing rhythm to de-stress is unique to all of us. So much so, we tend not to think about breathing too much. It happens automatically and no emphasis is placed on it until we have cause to think about it.

A breathing rhythm usually, takes longer to breath out than breath in. The gaps between inhalation and exhalation are brief, and again we tend not to think of them.

The only time we may be aware of breath is during exercise when the demand for oxygen in the muscles is high and so we breath faster to supply the extra oxygen being demanded.

At rest, or when sedentary, we rarely think of how we breath.

I will share 3 new rhythms of breathing with you now. I recommend you start with the 2-1-2-1 breathing rhythm, if you have not done this before. Be comfortable with it before progressing onto 4-2-4-2. rhythm. 

Be seated, with your back fully supported, if you’re in a position to do so, support your head also, that would be good. Where possible, lie on the floor and be warm through this breathing rhythm, it would enable you to relax at the same time.

Breathing Rhythm 4-2-4-2

  • Count to 4 as you inhale
  • Hold your breath for a count of 2
  • Count to 4 as you exhale
  • Hold your breath for a count of 2
  • Complete 9 breath patterns in this rhythm

Further Breathing Rhythms: 

– 4-2-4-2; This breathing rhythm is good following illness, to support your convalesce. 

– 6-3-6-3 Helps with sleepy disturbance, it has a soothing effect, helpful for depression and nervous psychosomatic conditions.

– 8-4-8-4 Supports the formation of cells, bones and marrow, muscles and bones, it stimulates lymphatic system.


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